Alaska Marine Science Symposium 2018

AMSS 2018 is happening this week in Anchorage, Alaska! This is Alaska’s ‘premiere marine research conference’ (as per organizers). From the conference website:

“AMSS has been bringing together scientists, educators, resource managers, students, and interested public for over twenty years to discuss the latest marine research being conducted in Alaskan waters. Over 700 people attend this 4-day long conference held annually during the month of January. Each day of the conference highlights important Alaskan marine ecosystems: Arctic (Tuesday), Bering Sea & Aleutian Islands (Wednesday), and the Gulf of Alaska (Thursday). Research topics discussed range from ocean physics, fishes and invertebrates, seabirds, marine mammals, to local traditional knowledge. Since its inception, the North Pacific Research Board has been a proud sponsor and one of the leading organizers of AMSS”.

As in prior years, quite a few ASLC scientists will participate in this conference. Here is a list of poster presentations given by our scientists this year:

Ice Seal Energetics: Measuring seasonal changes in metabolism for ringed, bearded, and spotted seals. NM Thometz, DAS Rosen, C Reichmuth

Diving behavior of juvenile Steller sea lions in relation to predation. A Dubel, A Bishop, C Brown, M Horning

What’s in a Whisker? Comparisons of Pacific harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardii) spatial habitat use and foraging ecology in two regions of the North Pacific. S Steingass, M Horning, L Rea, H Ziel

Estimating diet composition of Steller’s eiders using DNA present in scat. KL Counihan, TE Hollmen

Dynamics of remigial molt of captive Steller’s eiders (Polysticta stelleri). SEG Ulman, T Hollmén, D Esler.

Risky Business: Developing a habitat use model with inclusion of predation risk.
A Bishop, C Brown, L Torres, M Rehberg, M Horning

A quantitative approach for identifying spatially explicit distribution of Steller sea lion predation events. C Brown, M Horning, A Bishop

Oxidative stress indicators for assessing adverse effects of mercury exposure in Steller sea lions: baseline values from relatively low mercury exposure. M Lian, JM Castellini, T Kuhn, L Rea, M Keogh, B Fadely, J Maniscalco, T O’Hara.

A decade of vital rate telemetry: summarizing results, challenges and opportunities. M Horning, C Brown, A Bishop

The Argos Alliance: working towards keeping the critical Argos wildlife tracking system viable. M Horning, B Mate, M Holland, K Holland, A Seitz.

Interactions of Streptococcus infantarius ss coli and Streptococcus phocae in Resurrection and Kachemak Bays, Alaska. N Rouse, K Counihan, D Boege-Tobin, K Duddleston

We will post updates on conference activities throughout the week!

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