Live slow and prosper

I shivered as my legs slipped beneath the 42⁰F water; everyone was up to their thighs in the cold water for our first day of metabolic trials with the Pacific sleeper shark. Even with waders on, I could feel the chill in my toes. Angelica handed me a large red plastic board and I carefully […]

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It’s a shark!

To wrap up Shark week, we will continue the story of our Pacific sleeper shark research project. Now where did we leave off…? “It’s a shark!” Everyone clambered to the side of the boat to lean over and get a look. Sure enough, on our last hook of the day was a huge shark! Days […]

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Sharks in Alaska

It is that time of year again: Shark Week is beginning on the Discovery Channel, so we decided to have our own “Shark Week: Alaska Edition” here on 60° North Science!! To kick things off–check out this Alaska Public Media podcast about sharks in Alaska waters. Guests included our very own Dr. Markus Horning as well as […]

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