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Recent posters presented by ASLC scientists at conferences, workshops, and meetings:

For PDF copies of the posters see links below. 

Brown et al. 2017. A quantitative approach for identifying spatially explicit distribution of Steller sea lion predation events. 6th Bio-Logging Symposium

Bishop et al. 2017. “Risky Business: Developing a habitat use model with inclusion of predation risk. 6th Bio-logging Symposium.

Horning et al. 2017. A decade of vital rate telemetry: summarizing results, challenges and opportunities. 6th Bio-logging Symposium

Horning et al. 2017. Best practice recommendations for the use of fully implanted biologging devices in pinnipeds. 6th Bio-logging Symposium.

Dahle et al. 2017. Evaluation of archival life history tags surgically implanted in wild harbor seals. 6th Bio-logging Symposium. 

Steingass et al. 2017. You are where you eat: Correlating spatial habitat
use and dietary preference in the Pacific harbor seal. 6th Bio-Logging Symposium.