The 14th Annual Alaska Marine Science Symposium (AMSS) was held in Anchorage from Jan 23-27, 2017. AMSS is the largest marine science conference in Alaska, featuring keynote and plenary talks, poster sessions, workshops, and side meetings. Over 700 people were in attendance.

More than a dozen ASLC staff (and lots of fantastic collaborators!) represented our marine research facility by presenting a suite of talks and posters. Research was conducted across the state, from right outside the ASLC on Resurrection Bay, to the larger Gulf of Alaska, Bristol Bay, the Aleutians, and the Arctic. Lots of diversity in study species as well, looking at research questions on bay mussel, arctic marine birds, seabirds, walrus, Steller sea lion, and harbor seal.

This was a great opportunity for our graduate students, research technicians, postdocs and scientists to share their work with colleagues, and to chat about new directions, developing new technology and methods, and future collaborations! Check HERE for presentation abstracts and other info on AMSS.


One of the side meetings, 500 Women Scientists, was co-organized by an ASLC post-doc Amy Bishop. The mission of the international group “500 Women Scientists” is to promote a diverse and inclusive scientific community that brings progressive science-based solutions to local and global challenges.

Over 50 women attended the informal meet-up at AMSS and shared their enthusiasm, dedication to mentoring, ideas for taking action, and resources for engaging youth in the sciences. Hopefully this is the start of an annual meeting!  Inspired? Investigate more HERE



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