If you don’t remember or aren’t familiar with the new science exhibit at the Alaska SeaLife Center, we are taking questions from the public and answering them through our blog and social media. To see some questions answered you can always visit our previous posts about questions from the public. The new science exhibit strikes […]


The beginning of a new project

Three distinct sets of bubbles moved around on the surface of the water, with Richard keeping a watchful eye. Renae and I knelt on the back deck of the boat, labeling bottles and sample vials. “They’re up!” We both looked up from our perch to see three divers now at the surface of the water […]

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Audubon Watchlist Alaska

Audobon Alaska just published a new Alaska watchlist, ranking species that are vulnerable, at risk, or in severe decline. This list serves as a great reminder of the important work our ASLC team does to promote the conservation of the animals we work with.

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