Coastal Molecular Monitoring

Both wildlife and humans depend on marine coastal habitats and the species that reside there, but these places are experiencing changing environmental conditions and human activity, which could potentially harm coastal resources. In order for state and federal agencies to manage and protect these environments, methods are needed to detect changes in coastal environments over […]

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Bear Necessities

The Changing Tides project is investigating the ties between intertidal invertebrates, brown bears and people in Lake Clark and Katmai National Parks. We previously posted the links to the National Park Service YouTube videos (here and here) talking about the invertebrate research. Below is a link to a great video on how collars were put […]

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Changing Tides: Update

The “Changing Tides” project is being conducted by researchers with the Alaska SeaLife Center, National Park Service and US Geological Survey to examine the connections between bears, marine bivalves such as clams and mussels, and human-caused change along the coastlines of Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks. In November 2017, we posted a video about […]

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Changing Tides

This new video on the “Changing Tides” project details some of the bivalve work being done in collaboration with the Alaska SeaLife Center and the US Geological Survey.

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