Sharks in Alaska

It is that time of year again: Shark Week is beginning on the Discovery Channel, so we decided to have our own “Shark Week: Alaska Edition” here on 60° North Science!!

To kick things off–check out this Alaska Public Media podcast about sharks in Alaska waters. Guests included our very own Dr. Markus Horning as well as two scientists from the Alaska Fisheries Science Center: Cindy Tribuzio and Olav Ormseth

Sharks in Alaska waters

You can also find more information about managing sharks in Alaska waters here or from this short video from NOAA:


Be sure to also check in throughout the week for more information about sharks in Alaska, conservation challenges for sharks around the world, and for the conclusion to the story of our first efforts to study the elusive Sleeper Shark! Philina will also be posting fun facts about sharks on the ASLC Twitter throughout the week so be sure to follow along!

Finally–if you have any questions about our research on sleeper sharks, or sharks in Alaska in general, please leave them in the comment section here or on Facebook. We’ll  try to answer some of them at the end of the week!

*Feature Image Credit: NOAA

Written by: Amy Bishop

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