ASLC Science goes LIVE!

Even with our doors closed, the mission of the ASLC carries on–to generate and share scientific information. In fact, our organization was founded for the specific purpose of conducting marine research and we love sharing our research adventures, antics, analyses and accomplishments with you here on the blog.

With everyone safely hunkered down at home, we thought it would be exciting to share our science in new ways!

If you check out the ASLC YouTube Channel, twice a week–Wednesdays and Fridays from 2-2:30 Alaska Time–there will be live episodes from our scientists talking about their research, scientific methods, and how you too can be a scientist and help conservation efforts, even when stuck inside! Since the streams are live, you can even submit questions for us and we’ll answer them on-air!

This week, I faced my fears of being filmed on camera, and talked about how scientists study animal behavior and how this is important for conservation. You even get a chance to step into a scientist’s shoes and practice recording behavioral data in an ‘ethogram’.

We also shared the first of two episodes focusing on our Pacific Sleeper shark research. If you’ve read this blog, you may know a lot of the story–but be sure to tune in Friday, April 10th at 2pm AKT for some new updates hot off the press and to ask your burning questions!

If you miss the episode live, don’t worry! It will stay on our YouTube page to watch later! There is also other educational and fun content all the other days at 12 and 2pm AKT to check out.

Written by: Dr. Amy Bishop, ASLC Assistant Research Scientist

Thank you for wanting to celebrate our work.  Our mission is made possible because of your connection to the Center.

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