True Facts

Do you like random facts about animals?

Do you like watching YouTube?

Then you should definitely check out True Facts” by zefrank1

This series of videos is the product of what is clearly some pretty rigorous research. They chronicle the lives of many of the overlooked species that aren’t as ‘charismatic’ as a whale or a polar bear… but are really, really weird.

Many of the animals highlighted happen to be marine species so we thought we’d recommend a few to you!

The Sand Bubbler Crab: a tiny sand balling machine

The Frog Fish: masters of disguise

The Octopus: the floppy floppy spider of the sea

There are over 30 videos to choose from!

There aren’t your ‘normal’ nature documentaries–the ones with the soothing British narrator calmly telling you about sloths or zebras–but you will learn, and you will laugh.

So there’s that.

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