Science on Exhibit!

This summer at the ASLC there is a new exhibit in town and it is all about science!

The entrance to our new exhibit room this summer!

As you walk past the model ship and across from Harbor Bottom, you notice a door. Last year in celebration of our 20th Anniversary, this room showcased our history and our mission. It reminded us of where we’ve come from as an organization and as a community of people passionate about the stewardship of Alaska’s marine ecosystems. As you left the room, there was one final challenge: ‘now bring me that horizon’.

This summer we are highlighting the newest horizons of science that our research team are exploring–specifically the ones related to using technology to understand animals in their natural habitats: Tags.

We’ve talked a lot about telemetry tags here on the blog so many of you readers are likely familiar with some of our work done with sharks, sea lions, seals, otters, and seabirds (if you’re new to the blog click on those links to learn more!). This new exhibit provides a hands-on opportunity to learn more about how telemetry tags and different sensors help us know where animals are going and what they are doing when they are below the ocean surface.

The interactive FLIR (thermal imaging camera). We use this type of sensor to study animal health, or use the data from similar cameras on satellites to monitor ocean temperatures and understand animal habitats. That sensor data is often integrated with data from tags. When I took this picture this morning, you can see the white hot blob in my hand is my morning coffee, and the cold blob on my hip is my hard boiled egg for breakfast 😂

As part of the exhibit, we will also have monthly challenges or questions that give you the opportunity to interact with our researchers. To kick things off, we are wondering:

“What would you like to ask one of our researchers?”

So when you come visit the ASLC this summer, be sure to write your questions and we will answer them on social media #sealifescience. You can also submit your questions here on the blog!

Written by: Dr. Amy Bishop, Assistant Research Scientist

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