AMSS 2018 : New Directions

I have been attending AMSS for the past 6 years to learn about current research and present my latest research, but this year I had another exciting reason for going to the conference. I announced and promoted the COHO Lab, a new fee-for-service lab at ASLC that was developed by Dr. Hollmen and myself.

CoHo Lab Promotion

The lab provides research and diagnostic services focusing on microbiology, clinical chemistry and hematology, molecular biology and toxicology. We conduct a lot of the clinical and microbiology diagnostics on samples from our resident animals for routine health checks and from wild marine mammals and birds for research purposes. Some of the tests we conduct are not available at any other institution. The COHO Lab will allow us to provide these unique assays to clients.

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I spoke to a lot of people at AMSS about the COHO Lab, and they are looking forward to taking advantage of the services we can provide. I am very proud to be the Director of the COHO Lab, and I’m excited about what the lab can offer to other researchers and clinicians.

Written by: Katrina Counihan

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