BLS6: Greetings from Konstanz, Germany!

6th International Bio-Logging Symposium

Nope, ASLC scientists have not gone into green forestry science. Rather, biologging in the broadest sense refers to animal biotelemetry, that is the use of data recording and transmitting telemetry devices on wild animals.

BLS6 follows in the footsteps of very successful prior symposia in Tokyo, Japan, in St. Andrews, Scotland, in Asilomar, California, in Hobart, Tasmania and in Strasbourg, France. BLS6 is looking to be the largest of these symposia, with approximately 480 registered participants from around the planet.

First Keynote Talk was from Gerry Kooyman on the history of developing time-depth recording tags for diving marine mammals.


ASLC scientists are presenting or participating in the following talks and posters:

· Risky business: Developing a habitat use model with inclusion of predation risk. Amy Bishop, Casey Brown, Leigh Torres, Mike Rehberg, Markus Horning.

· You are where you eat: Correlating spatial habitat use and dietary preference in the Pacific harbor seal. Sheanna Steingass, Markus Horning, Amy Bishop, Lorrie Rea.

· A quantitative approach for identifying spatially explicit distribution of Steller sea lion predation events. Casey Brown, Markus Horning, Amy Bishop.

· A decade of vital rate telemetry: summarizing results, challenges and opportunities. Markus Horning, Casey Brown, Amy Bishop.

· Best practice recommendations for the use of fully implanted biologging devices in pinnipeds. Markus Horning, Martin Haulena, Pamela Tuomi, Jo-Ann Mellish Caroline Goertz, Kathleen Woodie, Rachel Berngartt, Shawn Johnson, Courtney Shuert, Kristen Walker, John Skinner, Peter Boveng.

· Evaluation of archival life history tags surgically implanted in wild harbor seals.Shawn Dahle, Markus Horning, Paul Conn, Josh London, Peter Boveng.

· The Argos Alliance: working towards keeping the critical Argos wildlife tracking system viable. Markus Horning, Bruce Mate, Andrew Gilbert, Russ Andrews, Melinda Holland, Kim Holland.

Check out the conference website, or follow the conference on Twitter @biologging

Check in with us over the next few days for news on ASLC and other interesting presentations!

Examples from today: do seabirds that stay aloft for multiple days without landing sleep while they are flying, and how? How do Aardvark deal with climate change?

And finally: we are getting organized: find out about the newly formed International Society for Biologging.

Written by: Dr. Markus Horning


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